Fall Crate Partner

This Fall ’18 Give Joy Crate has linked arms with One Gen Away as our non-profit partner.  A portion of the proceeds from each crate will be donated to One Gen Away to help further their work in eliminating hunger.

One Generation Away was birthed from the dream that we can eliminate poverty, racism, and denominationalism in our lifetime. We believe that there is a mission field right outside our front door, and that we will reach people lovingly through service. OneGen is dedicated to providing emergency food service to those in need via mobile pantries, as well as through partnerships with hospitals, social workers, schools, law enforcement, churches, civic groups, and many others who want to wipe hunger off the face of America. #MyGenIsOneGen marks our commitment to taking ownership of these social issues and working to better our community, together.

Special Edition Crates Partner

Give Joy Crate has linked arms with America’s Kids Belong as our non-profit partner for our special edition crates.  A portion of the proceeds from each special edition crate will be donated to the AKB to further their work in ending the foster care and adoption crisis in the U.S.

Today, more than 400,000 children are in the U.S. foster care system,
with 100,000 eligible for adoption. As a society, we’ve promised these 400,000 children in foster care that we would find them safe, supportive homes. Here’s what happens when we don’t fulfill this promise. Thankfully, some children have only a temporary stay in the foster system and are eventually able to be reunified with their birth parents. However, many others can never return to their birth families through no fault of their own. These children desperately need the love and sense of belonging that can only truly come through adoption. Ultimately, we imagine a future in which every American foster child – whether through reunification or adoption – belongs in a loving, safe, and permanent home.